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Engineered to combine design, construction, staking, reporting, cost estimation, and project management within a GIS, our CrescentLink® Project Planner is a powerful and user-intuitive extension for Esri's ArcGIS. Use it alongside our Network Manager or as a standalone product.

network planning software


  • Helps organize work into projects like service orders, work orders, job orders, or any other task your organization may need
  • Exports project-related data as a PDF, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, or CSV, making it easy to share data
  • Places all of your project information right at your fingertips



  • Polygon features can be used to organize a project into printable areas
  • Tools make sheet placement easy using several different preset scales
  • Sheets' customizable format can be rotated to fit the flow of a road or cable, and to allow a consistent left-to-right design pattern
  • Sheets placed within a project can also be exported into a standard PDF format to be used as a construction packet


  • Point features allow the user to place a work operation at a specified location within the map
  • Operations can house specific work instructions, along with an unlimited number of material units

Material Units

  • These units, used to describe what resources/materials/assets are needed at a given location within the project, are documented at each operation
  • Prevent duplicate work using the option to select from an internal catalog of previously placed units
With CrescentLink®, everything is right there. You don't have to go searching for another tool.” - MBC