3 Tips for Improving Your Electric Cooperative Fiber Network Management

Electric cooperatives are at the core of providing electricity to suburban and rural communities, but many electric co-ops don’t have as much experience managing fiber networks as they do with managing electric. This unfamiliarity can lead to piecing together out-of-the-box fiber management solutions that create inefficiencies and result in costly mistakes.

If you’re having trouble managing your network map effectively, these challenges may sound familiar:

  • Information fidelity loss between your in-office engineers and field technicians may be causing a lack of visibility in the field.
  • You’re using multiple sources to record your network data, so consistently updating information has become a hassle.
  • With backlogs of work stacking up, your field technicians don’t have access to up-to-date data.
  • Poor customer support and a lack of training from fiber management software providers have created more difficulties for your team than the software solved.

These aren’t uncommon challenges for electric cooperatives, but they can be tough to overcome if you aren’t sure where to look for help. In this blog, we’re sharing three tips to start improving your fiber network management today.

1. Work With a Fiber Network Map Expert

Many electric co-op engineers and GIS managers have been thrust into managing large fiber network maps without guidance or a trusted advisor to turn to. Working with an expert in network mapping and management like GEOGRAPH delivers several benefits, including:

  • Fiber network management tools based on our co-founders’ 75 years combined first-hand telecom experience.
  • Robust onboarding that includes training to ensure everyone on your team is comfortable managing your fiber network.
  • 24/7 ticketing system and dedication that consistently earns us a 100% customer satisfaction rating.

2. Use Reliable Fiber Management Software

When you use multiple data sources like spreadsheets, paper files, and more to manage different aspects of your network, you risk your data becoming siloed and difficult to manage.

Specialized fiber management software solves many network management challenges electric co-ops face. The right software solutions will simplify your network mapping and management by gathering your data into a single source of truth so your team can gain better visibility in the field and make accurate decisions faster. If you’re unsure if your organization would benefit from specialized software, we put together an infographic to help you explore CrescentLink by GEOGRAPH, our premium network mapping and management software system.

3. Equip Your Team to Use Management Tools

Working with an industry expert and using reliable fiber management software can go a long way toward improving your network management, responding to outages faster, and more. Still, none of that matters if your team isn’t comfortable using your management platform. The right software provider will offer expert-led onboard training and ongoing customer support to ensure your engineers are always confident in their ability to use your fiber management platform.

Manage Your Fiber Network Map Better With CrescentLink by GEOGRAPH

Our Esri®-based platform, CrescentLink by GEOGRAPH, has helped network operators improve their fiber, copper, and coax networks for 12+ years. CrescentLink makes network mapping and management quick and easy in an intuitive, user-friendly interface, which you can learn more about in our ebook. Gain peace of mind knowing your electric co-op has complete visibility in the field, easy access to real-time data, 24/7 customer support, and more with CrescentLink.