GEOGRAPH provides all the tools and expertise for you to map + manage the power and potential of your network with ease.

Fiber Network Management


If you manage any of these networks, or need to build one from scratch, our CrescentLink® software extensions make it possible to take your project from design, cost-estimation, and staking phases to a complete 360° view of your network, down to a single splice. Built especially for Esri's platform, our extensions are strategically developed to fill the gaps left by other GIS software.

As partners of Esri, the global market leader and pioneer in problem-solving with GIS, we offer world-class solutions specific to your network needs, including consultation services and team training.

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What Makes Us Different

We were you once. We've created the tools + support system we wished we had as engineers, and our clients agree.

A Network Controlled By You

"Plan. Build. Take Control." Our process places the power and knowledge of your network in the right hands: yours.

Trusted Partners

We value strong partnerships as much as sound networks. We'll work closely with you to understand all aspects of your unique challenges + objectives before offering solutions rooted in our own expertise + in-the-field experience.

Simpler, Quicker, Cost-effective Management Tools

No more consulting multiple sources of data to get an accurate understanding of your network. Use our tools to make strategic decisions, quickly identify network points of failure, share network data, and so much more.

Complete Confidence

Enjoy the freedom + peace of mind of having full knowledge of your network. Any time you need us, our teams are here to support yours in additional training and network upkeep.

Who benefits from
GEOGRAPH's CrescentLink®

  • ILEC/CLEC telecoms
  • Electric utilities
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Local, County, and State governments
  • College campuses
  • Transportation departments
  • Any business that owns and operates a communication network, or is looking to plan and build a new network

How business benefits with
GEOGRAPH's CrescentLink®

  • Provides splicing diagrams, tracing, and reporting
  • Clearly identifies problems, opportunities, and solutions through GIS mapping
  • Tracks equipment, splitters, and individual cable strands
  • Manages + models every connection, splice, pole, pedestal, hand hole, and panel
  • Finds the cause of an outage fast
  • Ensures custom employee training

How can we support you?

How can we support you?

To manage a fiber, copper, and coaxial cable network in Esri's ArcGIS, we offer:


network manager software

A software extension that allows geometric splicing, tracing, equipment modeling, reporting, and more.

To combine design, construction, staking, reporting, cost estimates, and project management within GIS, we suggest:


network planning software

A software extension to help you build material and cost estimates, design construction prints, and keep all project info at your fingertips.

For help with GIS mapping or converting your current geo-database into our CrescentLink® data model, check out:

GIS Data Migration

gis data migration

Once you're an Esri user, we'll get you set up in ArcGIS in no time.

For GIS problem solving or employee onboarding, ask about:


gis training

We offer workshops plus in-house and virtual trainings for GIS and CrescentLink® operations. And more.