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ArcGIS Extensions

Utilizing GeoGraph Technologies' CrescentLink extensions built for ArcMap, our clients can take a project from the design, cost estimation, and staking phases, to splicing fiber-optic cable and managing copper and coaxial networks. If you manage a fiber, copper or coaxial network, GeoGraph Technologies has the right tools for you.

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Consulting Services

GeoGraph Technologies offers a variety of consulting services including GIS training and data migration. Whether you need to solve a complex GIS network design problem or get training for a new employee, let GeoGraph Technologies do the work for you.

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Planning, Designing, Mapping, & Managing Your Fiber Network Has Never Been Easier

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Who Benefits From CrescentLink?


Who can benefit from our products and services? Our large customer base is currently made up of a wide variety of industries. They include ILEC/CLEC Telecoms, Electric Utilities, ISP Providers, Local County & State Governments, Colleges & Campus Enterprises, Transportation Departments, and many others.

So, to answer the question, anyone who currently owns and operates a communications network, whether that be fiber, copper, or coax - as well as anyone looking to plan and build out a new network - will greatly benefit from the wide range of products and services we offer.

From planning, designing, mapping, and managing your network to training employees and customizing GIS solutions for your specific needs, we have you covered.

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Electric Utilities

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How Can GeoGraph Technologies Help You?

Project Planner

Design & Estimate a Fiber Project

Network Manager

Map & Manage a Fiber Network


Custom Tailored Training & GIS Solutions

Let Us Show You What Our Network Manager Can Do for You

Track Equipment, Splitters, & Individual Cable Strands

Manage & Model Every Connection, Splice, Pole, Pedestal, Hand Hole, & Panel

Find the Cause of an Outage Fast w/ Our Distance Trace Functionality

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