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Easily navigate, troubleshoot, and make changes to your network with our Esri®-based platform.

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CrescentLink Makes
Network Management Simple

Get the full view with a digital twin of your system.

Keep all your network data in one place.

Make quick changes in an easy-to-use interface.

Solutions That Help You Connect Your Customers

Your customers rely on you to maintain and restore their electric power. Keep them connected with CrescentLink by GEOGRAPH – our network mapping and management system built on Esri’s® ArcGIS® platform. CrescentLink makes navigating your network, troubleshooting outages, and making changes quick and easy in an intuitive, user-friendly software system.

CrescentLink creates a digital twin of your fiber map so you can see the full layout of your system – where the fiber is running, where access points are located, what remaining cable space is available, and more.

Stop worrying about where your data is stored and keep it all togethere in one spot with CrescentLink. Make spreadsheets, disjointed records, and siloed information a thing of the past.

By working with our in-house support team, or by utilizing you own expertise, CrescentLink can be easily configured to suit your specific needs.

Use CrescentLink Web Experience to easily interact with your network from any web-capable device – review field splicing, navigate inside and outside plant connections, and more with our intuitive, easy-to-use platform.

CrescentLink is built on Esri’s® ArcGIS® platform. Esri®, the global market leader in geographic information system (GIS) software, location intelligence, and mapping.

What Makes Us Different

CrescentLink is an extension of Esri’s® ArcGIS®, the most popular GIS mapping software in use at many electric cooperatives.

Keep all your data in one place, gain visibility into what’s happening in the field, and quickly make changes to keep your customers connected.

Our onboarding includes training to ensure everyone on your team has the knowledge they need to design and manage your network.

Enjoy peace of mind with the knowledge that we have over 75 years of GIS and telecommunications experience, so we understand how networks operate.

We know your customers rely on you for excellent service, now let us do the same for you. Our 24/7 support and dedication earns us a 100% satisfaction rating.

Easily Access, Troubleshoot, and Make Network Changes With CrescentLink by GEOGRAPH