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With 75+ years of experience in network planning, fiber design, engineering, and operations, we can help you build your best network.

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We’ll Help You Design a Network That Meets Your Unique Needs

GEOGRAPH’s hybrid design process combines auto-design tools with first-hand knowledge to create a network plan that is both accurate and efficient.

We can help reduce man hours by avoiding multiple plan revisions in the planning process, so you can minimize waste and maximize growth.

  • GEOGRAPH’s Network Planners  make it easy to design your fiber, copper, or coax network.
  • Minimize over-planning and unnecessary expenditures.
  • Our experience, combined with the power of Esri ArcGIS, work together to create dynamic and expandable network plans.
  • Our hybrid process incorporates the human element, with the power of GIS, for a more intuitive and complete network plan.
  • Our team has 75+ years of practical expertise in network planning and design to help you create an accurate and efficient plan you can rely on.
  • We partner with you to design a network that closes the gaps that auto-design tools leave open.
  • We layout the most effective routing and cable sizes to maximize growth and minimize waste.
  • Our expertise helps reduce man hours and multiple plan revisions, so you get what you need — faster.
  • We have experience working with all network architectures including point to point, centralized, split, distributed splits, and distributed tap.
  • Effortlessly view your overall network plan in GIS.
  • Modify, change and update as needed with minimal effort.
  • Decide strategically where and when to build based on a global network view.

GEOGRAPH is proud to be an Esri® Silver Partner. Our CrescentLink and FourSevens products are extensions on Esri® ArcGIS® systems.

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