Resolve Network Outages Faster With GEOGRAPH

Quickly locate, troubleshoot, and respond to outages with CrescentLink.

Solutions That Help You Resolve Problems Faster

Is it taking your team too long to respond to outages?

  • Deep level understanding allows for faster repairs and restorations of your network.
  • Pinpoint outage locations based on accurate OTDR readings.
  • Prioritize repairs based on circuit-level insights.

Do your teams spend too many manhours on projects?

  • Save time by not having to look for your data in multiple sources.
  • Deep level understanding allows for faster repairs and restorations of your network.
  • Eliminate unnecessary calls to the office or truck rolls for your field technicians.

Do you wish you could easily pinpoint where damages to your network occur?

  • Using spatially accurate data to quickly identify exact locations for outages.
  • By utilizing readily available navigation tools, your team can more quickly respond to outage sites.
  • The ability to account for additional cable footages such as slack loops, risers and coils, gives you more accurate insight.

CrescentLink by GEOGRAPH is built on the Esri® ArcGIS® system. It was designed to help you identify opportunities, seek out problems, and devise solutions by creating a big-picture view of fiber, copper, and coax networks. GEOGRAPH is proud to be an Esri® Gold Partner.

What Makes Us Different

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Manage and model every aspect of your fiber map, gain visibility into what’s happening in the field, and easily update your map.

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Our onboarding includes training to ensure everyone on your team has the knowledge they need to improve your network and deliver better service to your customers.

Enjoy peace of mind with the knowledge that we have over 75 years of GIS and telecom experience so we understand how networks like yours operate.

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You won’t be left on your own – our sub-24-hour response time and our dedicated, in-house, support team consistently earns a 100% customer satisfaction rating.

Put the Power of Your Network in Your Hands With GEOGRAPH