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Web-powered Fiber Network Mastery with CrescentLink Web Experience

Access, manage, and analyze your fiber network with ease, all through the power of the web.  Eliminate software installations and hardware constraints and enjoy ultimate flexibility with CrescentLink Web Experience.

Experience the benefits that matter most.

Effortless Web Access

Ditch software limitations. Manage your network anytime, anywhere, from any connected device. Escape hardware headaches and enjoy secure, enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure. Freedom starts on the web.

Gain the power of web-based network management.

Supercharge your network management with the intuitive features and web-powered flexibility of CrescentLink Web Experience.

Web-Based Freedom:

  • Web-based access allows you to manage your network anywhere from any internet connected device. No software installations, no hardware limitations.
  • The secure and scalable enterprise-grade infrastructure ensures data security and effortless scalability as your network grows.
  • With real-time collaboration you can share data, projects, and updates instantly with your team, regardless of location. Break down silos and foster collaborative decision-making.

Comprehensive Network Management:

  • Fiber network mapping allows visualization of your entire network infrastructure with detailed asset information and connectivity details.
  • Trace and analyze fiber paths, identify potential issues, and optimize network performance with ease.
  • Generate comprehensive reports and dashboards to track performance, identify trends and insights, and make data-driven decisions.

Intuitive and Streamlined:

  • Navigate easily with a clean and intuitive design optimized for web-based use with the user-friendly interface.
  • Powerful tools allow you to find outage locations using distance trace with predictable accuracy.
  • CrescentLink’s familiar interface offers recognizable visualizations and metrics for at-a-glance insights.

Seamless ArcGIS Integration:

  • Leverage ArcGIS Pro expertise to work seamlessly between CrescentLink Web Experience and ArcGIS Pro for advanced analysis and visualization.
  • Effortlessly and seamlessly transfer data between platforms, ensuring a unified and efficient workflow.
  • Feel empowered and extend your ArcGIS expertise to the web with the flexibility and accessibility of CrescentLink Web Experience.

Embrace the future of network management with the power, flexibility, and cloud-centric freedom of CrescentLink Web Experience.

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What It's Like to Partner with GEOGRAPH

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We take this time, to get to know you and understand the problems you and your organization are facing.
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Based on the discoveries during the introductions, we put together a live demonstration for you and your team.
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We work to find an offering that fits your organization's budget.
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Once you decide that GEOGRAPH is the solution for you, we introduce you to the rest of the team and discuss next steps.
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Ongoing Support & Service
Our goal is to create mutual value for everyone. We are here to support you throughout your journey.
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Frequently Asked Questions About CrescentLink Web Experience

A: CrescentLink Web Experience offers several advantages over traditional software-based solutions. It provides effortless access, unmatched efficiency, scalability on demand, and future-proof flexibility.

A: CrescentLink Web Experience is designed for managing next-gen and legacy networks. It allows you to visualize, analyze, and manage fiber, copper, and coax infrastructure, including aerial and duct systems.

No! Once ArcGIS Server and CrescentLink Web Experience is set up, you only need a device with an internet connection and a standard web browser. No software installations or specific hardware configurations are required.

A: CrescentLink Web Experience is included with any Enterprise Level Licensing. If you do not have an ESL you can add CrescentLink Web for about $200/month per user.

A: CrescentLink Web Experience does not require the Utility Network. CrescentLink is built with its own connectivity model, simplifying not only the data model but also the implementation and functionality. If your organization currently uses the Utility Network for other networks such as Electric, Water, and Gas CrescentLink for ArcGIS Pro can work right alongside the same projects. There is no conflict to install and run the Utility Network, but it is not a requirement.

A: Yes, the application itself can be hosted on your AGOL account, but will require a licensed GIS server for the data store.

Recent Esri Awards

GEOGRAPH CrescentLink is an extension of the Esri® ArcGIS® Pro and Desktop software.  It was designed to identify opportunities, seek out problems, and devise solutions by creating a big picture view of fiber, copper, and HFC networks.  CrescentLink integrates seamlessly inside the Esri ecosystem and allows for efficient collaboration and compatibility.  GEOGRAPH CrescentLink software solutions are Esri ArcGIS System Ready. GEOGRAPH is proud to be an Esri® Gold Partner.