Fiber Management for Customer Service Teams

CrescentLink’s easy-to-use digital platform integrates your customer data with GIS and ISP network data all in one place.  Having accurate information quickly and easily can empower your team to make better decisions while keeping customer satisfaction levels high.  

Fiber Mapping Solutions That Help Improve Your Customer Experience Ranking

Share Your Network Data With Your Customer Service Representatives.

Easy to use tools allow CSRs to have full knowledge of the network.

Keep your customers better informed of planned and unexpected network outages and repairs.

Determine servicability for customers in a matter of seconds; not hours or days.

Reduce Time Spent Managing Customer Inquiries and Issues

An up-to-date and accurate digital twin allows you to make decisions faster and with better information.

Integrating customer data with geographical network data in an easy-to-use platform empowers your team to make ideal decisions for your customers.

Be proactive in customer communications during network outages.

Improve Operational Efficiency with Reporting Tools

GIS data enhanced with network and customer information, allow for concise reporting on critical information.

Quickly gather customer data during outages and repairs.

Have access to customer premise equipment, contracts, and service records at your fingertips.

A woman using GEOGRAPH

What Our Customers Are Saying

What Makes GEOGRAPH Different


Model your network to the max.  Create a true digital map of your service area using our list of ISP devices, your footage details, and more. Once your map is created, it’s ready to go and easy to update. You will know where everything is, all the time.


Our onboarding includes a variety of training options to ensure everyone on your team has the knowledge they need to deliver better performance. Keep your team happy and improve your network operational efficiency.


Enjoy peace of mind with the knowledge that we have over 100 years of combined GIS and telecom experience. Our team understands how fiber, copper, and HFC networks operate and we have successfully helped over 160 organizations.


You won’t be left on your own. Our sub-24-hour response time and our dedicated, local, in-house customer support team consistently earns 100% satisfaction ratings. We are here to help, every step of the way.

Put the Power of Your Network in Your Hands With GEOGRAPH