GEOGRAPH Announces Partnership With Calix

EASLEY, SC – May 10, 2024 – GEOGRAPH® Technologies, LLC is proud to announce the company has become an Authorized Partner with Calix®, a cloud and software platform business working with fiber broadband providers to simplify operations, innovate for subscribers, and grow value for their business and the communities they serve.  Calix is based in San Jose, CA. 

GEOGRAPH, a fiber optic management software and solutions company, shares many of the same customers as Calix.  The partnership is expected to expand future collaboration between the two organizations from a technology and integrated solution ecosystem point of view.

As an Authorized Partner with Calix, GEOGRAPH anticipates the building of synergies between the two organizations that will increase the efficiency, accuracy, and functionality of CrescentLink® for ArcGIS® Pro, the company’s flagship fiber mapping software, to ultimately improve user experience.  Additionally, the GEOGRAPH anticipates the development of new software features, over time, that will assist fiber broadband providers in improving their fiber network operational efficiency.

Grey Pittman, GEOGRAPH Director of Customer Experience, states “At GEOGRAPH, we view partnerships as the lifeblood driving the industry forward to provide our vendors, partners, and other industry stakeholders with a comprehensive network of resources. Our Authorized Partner agreement with Calix is a perfect example of this.”  As one of the leaders in broadband equipment and software solutions, Calix presents a complete ecosystem that helps their customers plan, build, and maintain broadband networks.

By working together with Calix, GEOGRAPH hopes to leverage the respective strengths of both organizations to develop new innovative solutions that drive growth and success in the fiber broadband industry. 

About GEOGRAPH Technologies, LLC

GEOGRAPH Technologies, LLC is a premium GIS software supplier that helps clients manage their fiber, copper and coax networks. Organizations like broadband network providers, electric cooperatives, municipal governments, universities, and engineering firms all use GEOGRAPH to make smarter and faster decisions.     Plan Smarter.  Build Faster.  Take Control of Your Network.  www.GEOGRAPH.Tech

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