Easily Visualize Trace Results Using a DLR

DLRs are graphical illustrations of Fiber, Copper, and Coaxial Cable Trace Results Report. The DLR for a selected fiber cable strand will display many details about the circuit(s) associated with it. If multiple fibers are selected, they will be represented with separate tabs within the window. The current light state of the circuit will be shown with color-coding as shown in the images below. The cable will be yellow when fully lit, red when only half lit, and black when not lit at all.

DLRs can be created in one of two ways:

  • right-clicking anywhere in the CrescentLink Trace Results window for a given cable fiber as shown below.
  • using the Design Layout Record option in the CrescentLink Reports window as shown above.

For more information, visit this article on our support portal.