Transform the way you manage your fiber, copper, or coax communications networks with our premium management software solution for ESRI® ArcGIS® for Desktop and Pro.

More Than Just A Map — A Fiber Network Management Solution

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GEOGRAPH® CrescentLink®

Since 2012 CrescentLink has helped telecom network designers, owners, and operators manage their network mapping needs. It was designed to help document network assets while maintaining a spatially accurate representation of a communications network, and it has been in use at 160 organizations.

Today, GEOGRAPH CrescentLink is the fiber management solution of choice by many — including broadband network providers, electric cooperatives, engineering & consulting firms, municipal governments, and more.  By providing a consolidated, single, integrated system, CrescentLink empowers multiple users, both in office and in the field, the ability to more effectively manage network data and plan for both today and tomorrow.

Network Manager

Manage and model any access point in your network, including ISP and OSP equipment. 


Create cable and equipment connectivity and capture splice connection details.

Splice Analysis

Generate both a splice table view and a diagram view to transform your data into a visual PDF.

Distance Trace

Quickly and easily manage outages in your network using OTDR trace results.

Coax Designer

Manage new build and existing coax networks with one of our most popular tools.

Project Planner

Build material lists and cost estimates which can be exported via Excel or CSV files.

  • Project Planner – Whether you are building a greenfield network or overbuilding legacy networks, you can create construction prints, cost estimates, and bill of materials. You can also manage your entire system down to the granular level.
  • Staking Sheets – Include both natural and man-made features in your digital twin. Include streets, roadways, and other features to build out a project. Incorporate ISP and OSP assets along with secondary data sources.
  • Design Status Updates – Easily view network design plans including splice points, distribution cabinets, and data centers. Keep track of right-of-way and easement approvals, and manage the progress of your construction and installations.
  • Unit Summary and BOMs – Maintain detailed records to plan, budget, and execute your project. Manage the type, specifications, and configurations of your network assets and easily keep track of your network’s passive and active connections.
  • Proposed Splicing – Manage your network design with Proposed Splicing. Collaborate with your field teams when managing current and future connections when expanding and updating your network.
  • Heat Map for Fiber Availability & Capacity – Utilize CrescentLink’s heat maps to gain valuable insight and make more informed decisions. Effectively allocate resources and provide high quality service to meet the needs of your customers.
  • Search – Utilize the CrescentLink Search to find network terminations, customers, and network asset points within your network. Gather information about new and prospective customers.
  • Track Project Status – Stay on track, and within budget, when building out your network.  Easily view your network design plans and manage progress toward completion.
  • Splice Analysis – Easily inspect and export splicing and connectivity data for port-to-port, strand-to-port and strand-to-strand connections, to ensure connectivity accuracy and better share connectivity information both internally and externally.
  • Connector Tool & Splicing – Easily make connectivity changes in both Proposed and Existing states. Updates your connectivity, in real-time and as the need arises — without relying on vendor, or other outside resources.
  • Create Helpful Reports – Easily document information and communicate insights concerning network status, performance, and maintenance.  Offer clear and transparent view of your network’s status and can seamlessly share network information.
  • Better Data Management – Identify potential risks, vulnerabilities, and areas that require attention.  Easily download data to comply with regular government reporting actions.
  • Outage Management with Distance Trace – Maintain good, working order of your network, as well as the relationship your organization has with those you serve. Reducing network down-time and getting services online faster with accurate outage management processes.
  • Remote Access with CrescentLink Web Experience – Share critical network records internally and externally. Manage view-only access to network assets, tracing functionality, connectivity reporting, and outage management functions.
  • Esri Experience Builder & Dashboards – Build low-code or no-code web apps, imbed map-centric and data-centric widgets, and publish network data and maps through Esri ArcGIS Portal. Create individual dashboards and web apps with critical metrics and analysis capabilities.

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Earning your trust is not only one of our founding principles, it’s also the first step of our process in building relationships. Trust allows us to reach the best understanding of your daily challenges – while helping you fully comprehend the ins-and-outs of implementing a quality communications network management solution. After all, we are in this together and your success is our success.

We know what it takes to map and manage a network because we’ve worked in the industry for decades — as telecommunications engineers, designers, builders, managers, and strategists. Our experience give us the insight and ability to predict, understand, and resolve the challenges you encounter.

We take a personalized and flexible approach to becoming your trusted partner. Since our inception, we’ve helped hundreds of organizations across North America and beyond, to plan, design, and develop GIS mapping solutions that improve operational efficiency and deliver solid return on investment.

Discover How to Do More with GEOGRAPH.

Save time and money when planning or upgrading networks or responding to service outages. Increase your team’s operational efficiency and improve your return on investment.

GEOGRAPH CrescentLink is an extension of the Esri® ArcGIS® Desktop and Pro software.  It was designed to identify opportunities, seek out problems, and devise solutions by creating a big picture view of fiber, copper, and coax networks.  GEOGRAPH is proud to be an Esri® Gold Partner.