CrescentLink® gives us the ability to trace our fiber network from start to finish.” - HTC


Built by engineers and developers to manage a fiber, copper, and coaxial network, CrescentLink® Network Manager is our powerful extension for Esri's ArcGIS. You can easily track and manage equipment, individual cable strands, splices, poles, pedestals, hand holes, panels — and in fact every connection — right down to the port level.

network manager software


  • Add/remove/edit equipment and counts, trace cables, walk a circuit, access reports, and attach images
  • Connect: cable to cable, cable to equipment, or equipment to equipment
  • Show splice configuration
  • Convert a map of your particular splicing configuration into a PDF
  • Trace fiber to show the location in the map from OTDR trace results
  • Include cable helix factor in the results
  • View your data in a Single Use Fiber Report, Cable Report, or Cable Summary
  • Assign and replace old counts based on work orders
  • And more...


  • Calculate the distance along a cable, including added slack loops and riser cable
  • Trace fiber, copper, coaxial, or microwave circuits, highlighting every step along the path
  • Manage a complex fiber, copper, and coaxial network right inside the map
  • Show an entire circuit trace
  • Store images at each network access point location
  • Trace any individual strand in any cable
  • Produce splice diagrams with the click of a mouse
  • Create cable usage reports
  • Manage circuits to the port level
  • Track owners, users, and leases
  • Manage counts down to the fiber strand
  • And more...
Now, we can better respond to our customers, and faster than ever before.” - HTC