Release Notes – CrescentLink for ArcGIS Pro Version 1.0.3 – Released on February 7, 2024


CrescentLink for Pro version 1.0.3 is a hotfix release that addresses specific issues reported by our users. We appreciate your feedback and are committed to providing a more stable and reliable experience with these changes.

Bug Fixes

  1. Dynamic Export Variables
    • Fixed Issue: On Project Export, dynamic variables were showing the coded value when referencing a field using a coded value domain.
    • Impact: Users utilizing dynamic variables on export layouts that reference coded value domain fields will now see the description.
    • User Feedback: Customers pointed this out to us in a manner that we could quickly resolve the issue.
  2. Reports Highlight
    • Fixed Issue: When using the map selection tool in the Reports function, the map feature highlight was cleared if a CrescentLink tool was previously active.
    • Impact: While running reports by selecting features in the map, users will now see the selected features remain highlighted.
    • User Feedback: This was discovered during an internal functionality review.
  3. Splice Point Error
    • Fixed Issue: Some users were experiencing an error when using CrescentLink tools that was caused by an incorrect handling of null values.
    • Impact: Affected users should no longer be prompted about null objects when using Network Manager and other CrescentLink tools.
    • User Feedback: Collaboration between a Customer and internal review helped discover and fix this issue.
  4. Project Planner PostgreSQL Exports
    • Fixed Issue: Because of the naming convention of tables in PostgreSQL, when trying to generate a PDF export, users would experience an error.
    • Impact: PostgreSQL databases are now fully supported in Project Planner exports.
    • User Feedback: Continued customer feedback helped us correct this faster.
  5. Network Manager Trace Connector Table
    • Fixed Issue: Users that had a custom table for unique trace scenarios could not perform traces.
    • Impact: Updates to allow for these unique scenarios will now allow users to perform traces as expected.
    • User Feedback: We thank users for reporting this issue promptly, helping us identify and fix the problem.
  6. Project Planner Add Unit from Map with Null Values
    • Fixed Issue: When adding a unit from map if the category was not set, then the unit description was not populated.
    • Impact: User adding units from the maps will not descriptions populated correctly.
    • User Feedback:This was discovered during an internal functionality review.


  1. Count Assignment Tool with Stacked Features
    • Enhancement: When using the count assignment tool on stacked features, users can now select which feature they want to assign the count too.
    • Improvements: The user interface now makes it easy to place counts on the desired features.
    • User Scenarios:Users will find this process more streamlined and efficient.

How to Get the Update

To update CrescentLink for Pro to version 1.0.3, simply use the Check for Updates tool in the CrescentLink Menu and follow the prompts for updating your app.

Feedback and Support

We value your feedback! If you encounter any further issues or have suggestions for improvement, please submit your feedback. Thank you for your continued support as we strive to provide you with the best CrescentLink for Pro experience.