New Simplified Software Versioning!

By Jasen Kintner, Director of Research & Development at GEOGRAPH

We’ve got some exciting news to share! We’re changing how we number our software versions, moving from decimal places (like 1.0.6) to simple whole numbers (like Update 7). This might seem like a small change, but it’s designed to make your life easier and our updates clearer. Let’s discuss why we’re doing this and how it benefits you.

Why We’re Changing Things Up

  1. Keeping It Simple: Keeping track of all those decimals can be a headache. With whole numbers, it’s super easy to see when a big update has landed. Each new number means a major release with lots of exciting new features and improvements.
  2. Clearer Communication: Whole numbers make it so much easier for us to talk about updates. Whether it’s in our release notes, support chats, or newsletters, you’ll instantly know what we’re talking about. It’s all about making sure everyone’s on the same page.
  3. Highlighting Big Milestones: Every time we roll out a new whole number, it’s a big deal! It means we’ve reached a significant milestone with lots of great new stuff for you to explore. This new system helps us celebrate those big moments together.

What This Means for You

  1. Easier Decisions: When you see a jump to a new whole number, like from version 1.0.6 to Update 7, you’ll know it’s a major update packed with important changes. No more guessing if an update is worth it – you’ll know right away.
  2. Better Support and Documentation: Our support and documentation will be more streamlined and user-friendly. Whole number versioning means it’s easier for us to give you the exact info you need, exactly when you need it.
  3. More Transparency: We want you to always feel informed about what’s new and improved. This change helps us be more transparent about our updates, so you can always make the best decisions for your needs.

How We’re Rolling This Out

We want this transition to be as smooth as possible for you. Here’s what to expect:

  • Current Version: We’re currently on version 1.0.6, the next major release will be called Update 7.
  • Detailed Release Notes: We’ll provide thorough release notes to walk you through all the great new features and improvements in each major update.
  • Ongoing Updates: We’ll still deliver minor updates and patches as needed, but they’ll be clearly linked to the major version they belong to.

We’re really excited about this change and we hope you are too! It’s all about making things simpler and clearer for you, so you can enjoy our software without any extra hassle.

Thank you for being such an amazing part of our community. We can’t wait to bring you even more fantastic updates and improvements soon.

Jasen Kintner is Director of Research & Development at GEOGRAPH and has over 20 years of telecommunications experience.  He has published research on network middleware protocols and intrusion detection, developed standards for computer networking, and managed telecom network strategy and planning. Since June of 2018, Jasen has been responsible for new product development at GEOGRAPH and has introduced CrescentLink Web Experience and CrescentLink for ArcGIS Pro.  Jasen and his team help GEOGRAPH support over 170 customers in the United States, Canada, the British Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Guam, and Guyana.

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