Why It is Important to Migrate and Visualize ALL Your Wireline Assets

Fiber optics networks are all the rage now. And for good reasons: they are more reliable and easier to maintain and increase customer satisfaction, to name a few. But what about good ol’ copper? Often times copper is seen as a legacy technology. Many network operators that still rely on copper either disregard it or rush into upgrading their network with fiber cables or wireless connections. Yet it remains a crucial part of existing network infrastructure and it’s not going anywhere soon.

In many years of working with network operators, we keep noticing a similar trend:

They come to us asking for help with migrating their records into a modern, cutting-edge GIS-based system to operate and manage their network assets. And that’s a great decision. The salt of it, though: they only ask us to migrate their fiber records. We ask them, what about copper or coax? Silence…

The thing is, it is still important to migrate and maintain records for all of your network infrastructures for several reasons:

  •  First, having fiber network assets in a shiny new system of record and copper and/or coax in the old system, completely disregarded, will not give you a full understanding of your network. You won’t be able to make informed decisions on where to overbuild and where to expand.
  • Second, if proactively provisioned and maintained, copper and/or coax networks can still serve your customers. But to do your best you need to know where the network weak points are or where it needs attention first.
  • Third, having a robust system of record makes your job easier. With knowledge of your network at your fingertips, repairs, expansions, and decisions can be made faster and with less effort. If you’re operating two networks, but managing them differently, are you really making life easier?

Yes, fiber is the future. Yet to make this decision to transition to fiber, you still need to know where all your network assets are. We design our products and services to provide efficient, time-saving, and cost-cutting solutions that drive value for you and your organization. Whether you’re looking for GIS solutions so you can take control of your network or for help with data migration, our satisfaction comes from being a genuine partner in your growth and success.

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