GEOGRAPH is excited to welcome Cal-Ore Telephone!

On December 6, 2023, Cal-Ore Telephone located in Doris, CA signed with GEOGRAPH. Cal-Ore is the parent company of one of our current customers, Western New Mexico Communications, and has been searching for an Esri-based solution that is more effective for managing their fiber mapping software and easier to use. 

Cal-Ore began when 12-year-old Robert Edgar ran the telephone wires to ranches during the Great Depression and became the “go-to guy for telephones” in his town. Later, after Edgar returned from serving in the Signal Corps, his dreams of owning a telephone company came true when he bought a phone system in Dorris.1 70 years later, Cal-Ore has stayed committed to providing cutting-edge telecommunications services with devoted customer service agents and small town customer care. Now, Cal-Ore provides cloud services, phone services, and internet to businesses, healthcare providers, and government entities in Southern Oregon and Northern California regions.2 We look forward to working alongside Cal-Ore Telephone!

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