GEOGRAPH is excited to welcome Cleveland Utilities!

On April 9th, 2024, Cleveland Utilities located in Cleveland, TN signed with GEOGRAPH. The municipal government came to GEOGRAPH through the contact us form on our website and were sold on CrescentLink’s ability to provide accurate splicing locations and information. Cleveland Utilities will be doing an Entrust build and construction and wanted to be ahead of the curve when that project is complete. 
The City of Cleveland and the Board of Mayor and Commissioners acquired the Tennessee Electric Power Company in 1939 to create the Cleveland Electric System. In 1976, the Board of Mayor and Commissioners merged the Cleveland Electric System and the Cleveland Water System into what is now, Cleveland Utilities. Today, Cleveland Utilities serves around 33,300 electric customers in Cleveland and Bradley County. The electric division of Cleveland Utilities is dedicated to providing a reliable source of available electric energy safely and efficiently.1

1 Cleveland Utilities Authority. (2024). About CU. Welcome to Cleveland Utilities.