GEOGRAPH is excited to welcome Erwin Utilities!

On November 1st, 2023, Erwin Utilities located in Erwin, TN signed with GEOGRAPH. Erwin Utilities connected with GEOGRAPH at Fiber Connect 2023 this past August and has previously worked with 3-GIS. 

Erwin Utilities was established in 1945 as a one-service company with a total of eight full-time employees. Over 75 years later, Erwin Utilities has grown its team to over 50 employees and has expanded into an electric, water, wastewater, internet, and voice service provider. Service is at the heart of everything at Erwin Utilities from their mission, vision, and values. In December 2022, Erwin Fiber reached the milestone of 4,500 customers.1 We look forward to working alongside Erwin Utilities!