GEOGRAPH Launches Its New GIS Fiber Management Tool: CrescentLink® for Esri® ArcGIS® Pro

CrescentLink Updated with Improved Performance 

EASLEY, SC – December 19, 2023 – GEOGRAPH announces the launch of CrescentLink for ArcGIS Pro, the company’s legacy fiber management system, now available on the Esri ArcGIS Pro platform.  The new CrescentLink for ArcGIS Pro is an updated version of the company’s legacy CrescentLink software solution and offers users improved performance and quality of life enhancements while keeping the familiar comfort of CrescentLink Desktop.  

GEOGRAPH CrescentLink has revolutionized the way companies in the telecommunications sector have managed network mapping.  The software solution creates a digital twin of any fiber, copper, or HFC communications network to help businesses make strategic decisions faster, improve customer service levels, and realize operational efficiencies.

GEOGRAPH CrescentLink for ArcGIS Pro offers enhanced performance with streamlined circuit tracing, reporting, and workflows to adeptly handle intricate scenarios faster than before.  The application simplifies work order reports and status updates for optimal efficiency and works seamlessly with CrescentLink Web Experience. CrescentLink’s Esri ArcGIS System Ready Certification ensures the technology meets rigorous standards and guarantees users a robust and reliable experience.  

Bruce Smith, GEOGRAPH Co-Founder and CEO states “We have had great feedback from the market as we launch CrescentLink for Esri ArcGIS Pro. Both our existing and new customers are excited to see our software aligned with Esri’s Next Generation Network Management tool, one that participates in an ArcGIS system of engagement, while also seeing improved performance where formerly time-consuming tasks now take seconds.”  

CrescentLink for ArcGIS Pro maintains the familiar look and feel of its Desktop predecessor, ensuring a comfortable experience for users.  With unchanged workflows, the transition is smooth, enabling teams to swiftly adopt the latest technology without a learning curve.  The simplified data model facilitates easy migration, allowing old maps to load into new ArcGIS Projects in minutes.


GEOGRAPH Technologies, LLC, a premium GIS software supplier that helps clients better manage their fiber, copper, and HFC networks.  Organizations including broadband network providers, electric cooperatives, municipal governments, and engineering firms all use GEOGRAPH to make smarter and faster fiber network management decisions. For more information, visit www.GEOGRAPH.Tech