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Reflections on 2020 and What to Expect in 2021

The worldwide pandemic of 2020 threw a major curveball at our way of life, work, and relationships. It has also influenced and will continue to have an effect on how we plan, design, build, and manage communications networks. Looking back at 2020, here are a few lessons learned we’d like to share with you and […]

How to Get More Value Out of Your GIS System

How to Get More Value Out of Your GIS System

You have invested in a GIS, or you are planning on doing so. That’s great! Many organizations that have implemented GIS at an enterprise level have seen significant benefits. Most of them center around tangible outcomes, like considerable cost savings and increased productivity, or intangibles, like growing collaboration.  Yet those organizations that limit the use […]

The Power of Where: A Map is Worth a Thousand Spreadsheets

Location intelligence has become a key component of modern communications network operation and management. As a service provider or network operator, you often ask questions that start with “where,” such as, “where are the ducts, pipes, conduits, circuits, switches, etc.?” With legacy systems, this critical information on the locations, compositions, capacities, and conditions of network […]

Future-Proof Your Network

Planning a new network is always challenging and complex. There is a lot of work that goes into it. Yet having a solid plan is not always enough. In network planning, flexibility is vital.  As a network planner, you need your network to address current needs while being flexible to meet future demands. Plus, you […]

FTTx Planning: Four Key Things to Consider

In today’s landscape, service providers are expected to have adaptable, reliable, and scalable networks to meet increasingly diverse needs across a variety of markets. Therefore, planning an FTTx network requires thinking strategically about current and future demands as well as conditions at the network location. Based on our experience as network planners and engineers, we […]

Drops: Splice Them Now or Later?

Building a fiber-optic network comes with a high cost, almost two-thirds of which is labor cost. No surprise, service operators look for ways to reduce expenses and increase ROI without sacrificing quality. The question of where and when to splice seems insignificant but it does affect the bottom line. Is it more cost-saving to install […]

Broadband Network

Three Most Common Ways to Finance Broadband Networks

The business of building a broadband network is expensive. As an expert yourself, you know that every decision you make, from designing to staking, comes with balancing up-front costs and forecasted future revenue. By thoroughly planning your next build, including estimates of capital and maintenance expenditures, you and other stakeholders can make an informed decision […]


Why It is Important to Migrate and Visualize ALL Your Wireline Assets

Fiber optics networks are all the rage now. And for good reasons: they are more reliable and easier to maintain and increase customer satisfaction, to name a few. But what about good ol’ copper? Often times copper is seen as a legacy technology. Many network operators that still rely on copper either disregard it or […]

Impact of Covid-19 on Broadband: Now and Beyond

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, demand for data use and broadband capacity has skyrocketed and will continue to rise. Network operators have been dealing with this challenge successfully – the virus didn’t break the Internet.  Still, these uncertain times necessitate a change in how network operators think about planning, designing, and maintaining broadband networks at […]

System Security Specialist Working at System Control Center. Room is Full of Screens Displaying Various Information.

Top Reasons to Make GIS Your System of Record

Broadband is becoming the Gold Rush of the new century. As network operators, you provide your customers with the most modern and technologically-advanced services. Your ability to adapt, plan, and build new services is what will separate you from your competitors. The question is, why would you trust the knowledge and insight of your network […]

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Switches and Ditches

Having spent so much time in the Telecom Engineering field, we basically boiled our job duties down to Switches and Ditches. These were the two fundamental parts of telecommunication networks. There were the black boxes on one end doing the switching and the cable in the middle being put in ditches. Picture two tin cans […]

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So, What Do You Do?

So, What do you do? During my career as a Telecom Engineer and now as a Software Executive, many people ask me; “ So what is it that you do?” My wife of almost 20 years is still confused by it. I usually start off by saying; “ You know the telephone lines you see […]