We’re Delivering Better Fiber Network Mapping Solutions With CrescentLink by GEOGRAPH

GEOGRAPH wasn’t founded on a whim. We spent decades working for rural broadband providers, and when we couldn’t find the right solutions to make network mapping and management simpler, we decided to build them ourselves. We poured our 75+ combined years of real-world telecom experience into our products, and we’re proud to say that today we deliver the tools we wish we’d had in the field.

Our goal from the start was to help fill the gaps left by other GIS software on the market. As an Esri® Silver Partner, we chose to build our flagship network solution on their ArcGIS® application – the worldwide standard in GIS mapping – to ensure we deliver the right tools to make your network planning and troubleshooting easier.

Introducing CrescentLink by GEOGRAPH – Version 6.0

CrescentLink by GEOGRAPH is a premium mapping and management software system designed with first-hand knowledge of the complications that can arise when building a network. Unlike other options that only serve fiber, CrescentLink supports fiber, copper, and coax networks alike. It was created to put the power and knowledge of your network in your hands.

CrescentLink works by creating a “digital twin” of your map, giving you full, real-time visibility into what’s happening in the field so you can see the big picture view. Technicians, operations managers, and engineers have relied on CrescentLink to help manage every connection and piece of equipment in their network for the past 12 years, and version 6.0 makes this process even easier with more tools to simplify network mapping and management, including:

  • Better Visibility – Our new Splice Analysis Tool lets you quickly see connectivity in OSP and ISP with improved color graphics.
  • Faster Speed – Experience improved performance on tracing and splicing, up to 3x faster on average.
  • Proposed Splicing – This new functionality allows you to easily visualize and manage both current and future connections.
  • Project Planner Templates – Access pre-configured templates to aid in customizing your work prints.

CrescentLink Web Experience is intuitive and easy to use, even if you aren’t as comfortable managing fiber as you are with electrical networks. Plus, the most popular tools can be conveniently accessed from any web-capable device using Esri Experience Builder, so you can use CrescentLink on the go for features like:

  • Search Functionality – Find and access network features with intuitive search controls.
  • Innovative User Experience – Navigate, view, and interact with internal and external plant equipment connections.
  • Generate and Review Splice Diagrams – Simple splice reporting allows anyone from C-Suite to the field to review real-time data.
  • Trace Strands or Ports – Easily view end-to-end strand-level trace results.
  • Integrate Distance Trace – Quickly find distances to potential outage locations using OTDR footage. 

We’re Growing, but We’re Still GEOGRAPH

Our software isn’t the only thing about GEOGRAPH that sets us apart. We’ve spent over a decade growing and learning how to deliver better service to our clients, and our 99% retention rate is proof. 

Don’t just take it from us, though. One of our clients said, “GEOGRAPH is always quick to respond and help us understand everything CrescentLink can do to improve our process.” We put our partnerships first, so you’re never left to fend for yourself when you team up with us. In fact, our dedicated support and sub-24-hour response time consistently earn us a 100% customer satisfaction rating.

We’re thrilled to keep learning as we grow – and we’re sharing our knowledge with our new products, CrescentLink 6.0 for Desktop and CrescentLink Web Experience. If you’d like to learn more about our GIS software and solutions, please Contact Us today!

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