5 Reasons to Take CrescentLink Web Experience in the Field

CrescentLink Web Experience lets you and your team interact with your fiber network from any web-enabled device using Esri’s Experience Builder. You can easily share your network data, gain access to critical functions like circuit training and connectivity reporting, and perform network outage and troubleshooting functions on the go. You can be confident that you have the most accurate, complete, and up-to-date records at your fingertips for your fiber, copper, or coax network. 

#1: Access Your Network Anywhere, Anytime

Whether you are in the field making an installation or managing from your office, it is essential to have access to your network from wherever you are. When you have up-to-date and complete information, you can make informed decisions faster.

Collaborate Between Office and Field

Web Experience offers remote access to your network, so you no longer have to rely on a desktop to perform your day-to-day operations. With a live, real-time link between your mobile users and your server geodatabase, your entire organization can stay on the same page with network edits and additions. 

Intuitive User Interface

CrescentLink Web Experience was specifically designed to provide an intuitive and innovative user experience in a web-based, view-only complement to our CrescentLink fiber mapping software. It is easy for anyone to quickly find and access network features with the built-in intuitive controls. It is also simple to navigate, view, and interact with all types of inside plant and outside plant equipment.

#2: All Your Network Data in One Place

Having a single source of truth for your data can provide accurate information for all teams. With no more relying on CAD drawings, Excel spreadsheets, or random pieces of paper, you can now have a digital twin to keep all your network data in one place. 

Complete Network Visibility

CrescentLink Web Experience gives you a full view of your entire communications network model, providing end-to-end visibility of your network’s circuits and connections. Through the trace functions in Web Experience, you can walk through your network and visualize your map on a deeper level — even down to the strand and port-level.

Get Into the Details

Quickly view your network details related to cable strands, splice point inventory, equipment ports, and associated connections with Network Manager. You can easily reference and analyze every aspect of your cable and equipment network with access to fault identification and network search tools.

#3: Customize Your Network to Your Needs

CrescentLink Desktop gives you this freedom and the power to model your network as you see fit. With the CrescentLink Web Experience added to the mix, you can have full access to your custom-configured network features, architecture, and records, so you are never out of the loop.

Compatible with Fiber, Copper, and Coax Networks 

CrescentLink Web Experience easily integrates with all kinds of cable: copper, coax, and of course, fiber. So, if you are working in a greenfield or doing an overbuild, you can manage your system of record, maximize your efforts, minimize downtime, and meet all your needs. 

Tools Designed for Customization

We designed CrescentLink Web Experience to be intuitive and easy to use so you can work on what is most important and focus on your customers. CrescentLink Web Experience allows you to add attributes to sheets in project planner or quickly find network features with the search control. Coupling these features with Esri’s native functionality for Experience Builder allows you to create intuitive and informative dashboards to provide deeper analysis and user-specific reports.

#4: Easy GIS Team Collaboration

There are no more silos with CrescentLink. Staff from all levels of management, and working in any department, can have complete access to network data to manage day-to-day operations or make longer term decisions. You can prevent communication breakdown issues and ensure accurate data is readily accessible to those who need it most.

Integrated Network Components

Valuable tools with Network Manager in the CrescentLink Desktop platform are now available for users not on a desktop. These intuitive, view-only network analysis and reporting functions allow you to view all the connected components of your network, including splice diagrams and splice reports. 

Cross Team Collaboration

You can create reports and share information, in real-time, with other departments such as marketing, key stakeholders, engineering, or customer service, so everyone is working together to achieve company goals. 

When there are changes in the network and various teams have access to your company’s database, CrescentLink Web Experience allows everyone to see the adjustments made in the network. 

#5: Improve Fiber Network Operational Efficiency

Technology is constantly evolving in our telecommunications world, so it’s important to stay on top of your plant and equipment now more than ever. CrescentLink Web Experience can help you improve workflows associated with planning, building, or managing your network. 

Stay on top of Planned Network Upgrades

Before beginning any work on new builds or overbuilds, it’s important to understand what capacity is available in your current network. Our fiber mapping software lets you see the location of every active and passive piece of network equipment, understand how that equipment interacts with the rest of your connected network, and make real-time decisions with the most up-to-date documentation. 

Troubleshoot Outages Faster

CrescentLink’s integrated distance trace feature allows you to quickly identify fault locations using OTDR readings. Paul Avis, Network Operations Manager at Kitsap PUD in Washington state, has told us CrescentLink has saved hundreds of man-hours per year in outage management alone. He estimates this saving could be as much as $10,000 annually for just one commercial customer.

Easier to FCC Reporting

Not only can you use the data in CrescentLink to manage your network, you can extract the data for FCC reporting purposes. Kelvin Kitchens, Outside Plant Manager at Relyant Communications in Georgia, has mentioned how CrescentLink helps save time with the required government reporting of FCC data. Using CrescentLink with Esri’s ArcGIS, Kelvin and his team can draw a polygon of their service territory as a basis to filter out, analyze, and upload the data required for reporting. 

Take Control of Your Network Today!

CrescentLink Web Experience enables you to take control of your network by having your data in a single location so your team can easily access, utilize, and customize your network to suit your needs and help your company succeed. The software solution is full of powerful tools to help you better manage your network from both inside the office and out in the field. It’s all about easy access and visibility of your network data. You can do it with GEOGRAPH CrescentLink.

Contact us at 800-674-4803 to learn how you can use GEOGRAPH CrescentLink with ESRI’s Web Apps and Experience Builder today!

GEOGRAPH CrescentLink is currently available on Esri ArcGIS Desktop. Our offering will be expanding in December so you can access CrescentLink as an add-in for Esri’s ArcGIS Pro!

GEOGRAPH Technologies, LLC is a premium GIS software supplier. Our CrescentLink fiber mapping software helps create a digital twin to manage fiber, copper, and coax networks. Broadband network providers, electric cooperatives, middle mile fiber providers, HFC networks, G&T power, municipal governments, corporations, universities, and engineering firms all use CrescentLink to make smarter and faster decisions.

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