How to Simplify Your Electric Co-op Fiber Network Mapping With CrescentLink

Electric cooperatives face many unique challenges when it comes to managing their fiber network map with out-of-the-box solutions, from a lack of visibility into their records while in the field to relying on multiple data sources and more. In our latest blog, we’re exploring how a specialized fiber management software like CrescentLink by GEOGRAPH simplifies fiber network mapping and management – so you can gain long-term success with your system of record.

What Fiber Network Challenges Do Electric Cooperatives Face?

Network operators have relied on CrescentLink by GEOGRAPH for over 12 years to simplify fiber, copper, and coax network mapping and management. The biggest challenges we’ve seen electric co-ops struggle with over the years include:

  • Managing separate data sources in multiple locations, often leading to siloed data
  • Field technicians not having the up-to-date information they need to do their jobs effectively due to a lack of network visibility when in the field
  • Relying on an antiquated system of record to access network data, causing backlogs in data entry and correction 
  • Clunky or complicated user interfaces that require advanced training or constant third-party support to use correctly 
  • Poor customer support, onboarding, and training from other software providers – creating even more problems for you and your team 

Many electric cooperatives turn to quick-fix solutions to try and solve these network management challenges, but there’s a better way. Sign up for the GEOGRAPH newsletter for actionable advice delivered to your inbox, or keep reading to learn how we help our clients manage their fiber network maps successfully.

How CrescentLink Simplifies Electric Co-op Network Mapping

Our premium fiber optic mapping and management software, CrescentLink by GEOGRAPH, helps electric co-ops solve their network map challenges with a comprehensive suite of tools designed to simplify fiber mapping and management. Check out our infographic for a quick overview of how CrescentLink does this, or keep reading for more detailed information about CrescentLink’s benefits.

Single Source of Truth

With CrescentLink by GEOGRAPH, all your network data is stored in one place. This single source of truth enables your in-office personnel and field technicians to access the same, up-to-date information to make knowledge sharing and outage troubleshooting faster and more efficient.

Visualize Your Map

CrescentLink by GEOGRAPH creates a digital twin of your fiber map for a comprehensive, big-picture view that allows your team to make data-informed decisions quicker. Plan for future expansions or stay ahead of innovations to keep your customers connected and satisfied.

Access Up-to-Date Data

CrescentLink by GEOGRAPH’s intuitive splice reporting allows anyone on your team – from the C-suite to the field – to generate and review splice diagrams. Schedule a call with the GEOGRAPH team today to learn more about how this easy access from CrescentLink helps electric co-ops work more efficiently.

Troubleshoot Outages

Fast, efficient troubleshooting is essential for delivering reliable service that keeps your customers connected. CrescentLink by GEOGRAPH provides lightning-fast performance on tracing and splice reporting, so your field engineers can quickly find outages and get your network up and running again.

Visibility in the Field

With the CrescentLink Web Experience, our latest addition to the GEOGRAPH suite of solutions, your team has real-time access to all your network records from anywhere, on any web-capable device.

Take Full Control

CrescentLink by GEOGRAPH is built on ESRI’s® ArcGIS® Desktop and Enterprise systems, allowing you to easily customize your map and database configuration to better fit your organization’s needs. Do all of this without having to rely on customer support – or waiting weeks for your vendor to make your desired changes.

Get Smarter Fiber Network Management With CrescentLink by GEOGRAPH

Deliver the reliable service your customers depend on with CrescentLink by GEOGRAPH. We built CrescentLink on Esri® ArcGIS® to provide network operators with an intuitive platform to successfully plan, troubleshoot, and maintain your fiber network.

The releases of CrescentLink 6.0 for desktop and CrescentLink Web Experience ensure you have the most up-to-date network mapping and management tools available.
If you are ready to gain long-term success by simplifying your fiber network mapping with CrescentLink, schedule a call with the GEOGRAPH team today.

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